A.G. VAGLO, Finest Fabrics

Since 1956, the sign at 1, MG Road saying ĎAG VAGLO: Commerciantes des Tecidosí has stood for fair trade, integrity, and a comfortable shopping experience in the business of textiles. Over generations, patrons have come to take genuine merchandise, wide range of choice, and fair dealing for granted at this establishment. Founded by Ananta Ganpat Vaglo, it is currently being managed by his two sons MA Wagle and BA Wagle.

The shop sells suitings, shirtings, fancy dress material, and some speciality fabrics. The shop stocks textiles from some of the best mills in the country.
The customer profile varies from fashion conscious teens looking for the latest material, weave, and look to large institutional buyers like Don Bosco school who want a tough, durable fabric that is economically priced for making school-uniforms.