Legend has it that Parshuram, the mythical warrior-sage, shot an arrow into the sea, and commanded the sea to retreat to the point where his arrow had dropped, and the land thus wrested from the waters became known as Goa. Looking at the stunning landscape in Goa today, it is easy to believe that such beauty could not have been created without supernatural involvement.

Flanked by the magnificient Sahyadris to the east and the great Arabian Sea to the West, Goa is an especially idyllic part of the Konkan. The mountains and the coast mix to give the region a torrential monsoon downpour. The fertile land and the bountiful sea have always provided in abundance for the Goan people, and this has contributed in creating the easy-going relaxed lifestyle typified by the laid-back attitude known as 'sussegaad'

Goans enjoy all the good things in life. Food, drink, music, theatre, and football can be identified as the chief pleasures of the Goan. If Catholic and Hindu sensibilities are mixed and a large dollop of Portuguese influence is added, the result is the unique culture of Goa. Churches, cathedrals, temples, and shrines literally dot the landscapes, and every other day there is sure to be some feast, palki, jatra, tiatr, or some other celebration somewhere.

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